Thursday, June 11, 2015

School Of Maths - Thesis Template - getting started on TeXstudio

Here we are going to describe how to open up the thesis template on the School of Maths website and get it running on TeXstudio. First go the page on the School's website where the templates are held (click here).

If you click on the file in chrome it will open them inside the browser as a text file. Open the thesis template first, select all of the text and copy to clipboard. Now open TeXstudio and open a new empty file, paste the text into the file and save it as myThesis.tex. Make a note of where (directory) you saved the file.
If you try to compile this the following window will pop up warning you that muthesis package is not installed.
To get this to work we need to save a copy of muthesis.cls in the same directory as you have the saved the template tex file. Create a new file in TeXstudio and copy/paste muthesis.cls from the webbrowser into the file.
Now save the file as muthesis.cls making sure it is in the same directory as the tex file. In windows if you save files from the browser it can change the file endings so it is much safer copy/pasting as I have described.
Now select the tex file from the tabbed list and press the green button to compile and view. You should see something like this.
You are now ready to start typing up your thesis. See my other blogs (here and here) for info on including tables/graphics/bibliography.


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