Monday, September 20, 2010

Unix - Changing Your Password

Logging in for the first time

At the login  screen there is a session menu that allows one to choose the desktop environment. Popular choices for the linux desktop are the 'gnome' or 'kde' desktop environments. If you are familiar with windows 'kde' probably offers an experience most similar to what you are used to. The university linux image has both available, there is not much difference between them (they both have the same set of applications available) but you might prefer the look and feel of one over the other.

Once you have chosen your favourite desktop environment, simply enter your username and password into the appropriate boxes.

Changing your default password

The first task you must complete in order to use the school unix system is to change your default password. The first task is to open a terminal. In the gnome environment (default) there should be a icon in the panel at the top or the bottom. Otherwise it can be found in the menu under 'system tools'.

Now you must enter the command to change your password into the terminal. Simply click onto the terminal and type 'passwd'. You will now be asked to enter your old password (for security reasons), followed by your new password twice. Do not worry if you do not see characters appearing as you type the passwords, they are not meant to appear! If you have entered your new password correctly you will see
 The NIS password has been changed on

If there have been any problems, such as the passwords not matching, you will be notified. Once you have changed your password why not try to set up your webpage? Follow the instructions here.


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